Words for Life podcast 2Sep18

Songs of Hope local speaker yesterday was Rev Brett Peatman of Aspendale Presbyterian Church here in the southern suburbs of Melbourne. His talk title was “Taming the beast”. Talk time is 25 minutes.¬†Previous Words for Life posts are¬†here

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  • Love this! Your first article inspired me to change a few things about how we prep for school this year. We just started school this week, so it”s only been a couple of days, but this is the first year where I am truly not in charge of getting my kids up in the morning and I love it! I also love doing my normal morning routine while the kids get ready and make their lunches. It is so freeing, and they are doing great, and honestly didn”t complain much about the changes. In truth, they were subtle changes as they made their own lunches last year. BUT, I did think to remove myself from the room, and that means they are ACTUALLY making them on their own (mostlystill helping the 6 year old because six year olds need more time.at least mine is on his own schedule and would probably never make it to school without some redirection and help! But he will learn!) I thought through what the kids would need to be responsible for and what my responsibilities would be this school year and created a plan to present in a family meeting. My husband and I talked about it beforehand, and I presented it with “Dad and I know that it”s our job to raise you so you don”t need us. So, we”ve made a few changes We all voted on the plan the night before school started, and everyone seems on board. Already, I have less stress in my school mornings. Thank you, Lynnette! http://tonyclifton.net/

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