Alli Harding is back with South of the River at 2 PM Sunday 26 November 2023


It’s getting warmer out there so Alli Harding thinks it’s time to chat with one of the hundreds of local lifeguards who will be keeping our beaches safe this summer.

Alli will be joined by Erin Reed, 22, who can barely remember a time before lifesaving. She started as a Nipper and is now on the board of Hampton Life Saving Club and is both a paid and volunteer lifeguard on beaches around Victoria.

It’s a great time to think about joining one of the many clubs along our bay, whether to help out or just to make new friends.

Tune in at 2pm on Sunday to hear about being involved in a club and just how much life savers do for our community.

Alli will also be playing some great music and chatting about what’s going on south of the river.





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