Two Natural Ladies Podcast 77 – ‘un-sticking’ we are stuck and much more…

Show 77

What do Two Natural Ladies talk about? Well to give you an idea – here’s how the show starts each week –

Jo: Good morning this is Vicki and this is Jo and we are the Two Natural Ladies

Vicki: Exploring new frontiers boldly going where none has gone before – or at least in the way we do!

Jo: these are the voyages of Two Natural Ladies

Their continuing mission to discover new worlds beyond our wildest dreams

Vicki: To Seek out – new thoughts and ideas and unstick where we are stuck

Through light-hearted conversations banter, play – and a bit of poetry along the way

Jo: We love feedback and new topics to discuss – Get in touch through our socials while we are on air – or after –

And Welcome to everyone listening this morning from Victoria Australia and beyond – thank you for joining us

…and then onto this weeks show including –

The Birds & the Bees & the flowers and the trees, good health and a tidy mind?

Please enjoy Two Natural Ladies latest show including a discussion on:

  • Removing the unwanted in your life
  • Quantum physics and healing – sharing some of Lynne McTaggart’s findings on the untapped powers we hold within us
  • An amazing interview with co-founder of the Natural Health Society, Elizabeth French who shares her secrets to good health for all
  • Dolphins, Oranges and cleaning up our planet are all included

Enjoy 🙂

Notes –

0-15:12 (approx.)

Never underestimate the importance of removing stuff you don’t need.

Marc and Angel Hack Life

Very coming the pull of consumerism.

Learn from the past and get the heck out of there: We have all our past ‘stuff’ we are carrying.

Never regret

The op shops are full of peoples clearing – taking on someone’s energy when we are buying – attracted to the scarf because of the energy of the person who owned it. Is this woo woo?

Vicki chats about her psychology around decluttering–  “I get ‘poopy’ when I have to look back. I’m addicted to moving forward and it feels like back tracking and yet I need to declutter the past hoarding”

And then the emotional stuff that may be now no longer relevant but still there Sally Wilson and Stephanie Rother discuss these ‘hidden’

Then back to physical stuff – books to go back to the UK!

And will the Two Natural Ladies separate

Focus on what’s truly important

Focus on being productive not busy – get the right things done! Is what you are working on worth the effort? 4 Hour work week – is that possible. Being busy. Be effective in less time Even when you are not flat out you can spend more time doing what you really want to be doing.

When having a conversation – being in the moment not rush the chat. Be there for the person and connect with them and be going on in people’s world? Dealing with the overwhelm of being busy

Unconsciously unskilled to unconsciously skilled and the steps in-between– like learning to drive a car and then driving without thinking about it. When we first learn something new it takes more of our time and effort. Discovering new realms


17:35 – 36:50

Give what you want to receive Marc and Angel Hack Life

If you want love give love, if you want friends be friendly if you want money – give money? No give value J

Stop trying to be everything to everyone – be everything to one person. Want to be everybody’s friend. Try and please everyone. Feeling bad when we choose not to be that person’s friend. This relationship is not a good one – and step back. Sometimes it is timing and sometimes cut your losses and move on!

Do what you know is right. “Stop being honest” People at odds with each other. Maybe saying a similar thing. Occasionally do something opposite like George from Seinfeld You have to be you! Spend your life with a rule book

Don’t cheat, be faithful, be kind. “Integrity is the essence of everything successful.  When you break the rules of integrity you invite serious complications into your life.  Keep life simple and enjoyable by doing what you know in your heart is right.

When we are out of integrity things start to drop. Sometimes hard for us to see what is integrity for us? And this probably changes over time.

Friendship – who is really important to you? Now? When you were 20? Has it changed?

Organise your space, get rid of clutter, can be stressful when things are everywhere. Your efficiency – streamline your life -your systems – make them clear and simplify your life.

Let things be less than perfect – a discussion around paper and becoming paperless – writing things help you remember. There is something about the act of writing.

Smile every chance you get; not because life has been easy, perfect, or exactly as you had anticipated, but because you choose to be happy and grateful for all the good things you do have, and all the problems you know you don’t have.

What is perfection? The real world doesn’t reward perfection? Those who choose to ‘fix’ their bodies, face etc to be ‘perfect’

Be imperfect 99% of the time. Not caring about what other people think of you – follow your heart – this leads to a discussion about the film “Nomadland”, community and adventure!

40:25- 53:07

Clean up Australia Day – International Woman’s Day, Dog Poo & Cosmic Soup

Jo & grandson Jacob had plans to clean up Australia but Jacob hurt himself so it will happen soon J Vicki discovers people coming out of the bushes – what were they doing? They were cleaning up -in the bushes. Vicki cleans up other people’s dog poo as she is a responsible dog owner! And then dogs are discussed and where they poo

Nomadland film 3rd highest rated film. A fabulous film about peoples

Two Natural Ladies discuss Lynne McTaggat’s latest blog talking about quantum physics

‘We are all part of the Cosmic Soup constantly being stirred!’ everything is in a constant state of exchange and we are all part of the same basic elements and we are all tied together! Is Jo a string bean?

We have all felt connected at some time in our life. Where did the conversation that we are separate come from?

Vicki & Jo finish this podcast with a quick discussion about Elizabeth Scharpf who is creating sanitary pads made from banana fibre in an effort to prevent waste in Africa. @environmentaltalk


There is something for everyone in this podcast J

122:25 – 1:41: (around 1:26 we have a break can you get rid of the “you are with the TNL’S)

Vicki is star struck by Dr Goldhammer and his passion for water fasting

This leads to a chat about …

Oranges: Winter is when they come into their own. From freshly squeezed oranges to roasted with veggies. Two Natural Ladies have a great discussion about this voluptuous fruit. Jo gives the facts and history of how oranges got to us in Australia, while Vicki shares Two Natural Ladies Groupies Facebook posts on this topic, including a fabulous poem about the orange.

Jo confesses she is a good dances and Vicki talks about the importance of Bees: plant plants in your garden that bees love, We can’t do it all and as Woolworths has shared, without bees we will find fruits and vegetables including avocado, apples, cucumbers, pumpkins, rockmelons, blueberries, zucchini, macadamias, kiwi fruit would become scarce.

Some 65 per cent of Australian horticultural and agricultural crops require honey bees in order to pollinate, amounting to more than $14 billion of food each year.

Let’s give Bees a chance – find one way you can help!

Elizabeth’s Interview

“I can make a difference to those in my world”

Two Natural Ladies have an awesome discussion with Elizabeth French on her journey through health and natural hygiene.

The Natural Society started in 1960 and Elizabeth and her husband Roger, joined in 1973. After becoming interested in natural childbirth, Elizabeth expanded her interest into what they were eating and for the past 38 years she has been eating a natural food diet consisting mainly of raw foods.

Vicki became very excited when Elizabeth spoke about her idol, Dr Alan Goldhammer, sharing the benefits of fasting for healing the body.

We hear an amazing story of a gentlemen who fasted for two weeks after being diagnosed with Cirrhosis of the liver (and he wasn’t a drinker!) – He had been given less than three months to live!

Exercise, rest and taking time away from artificial lights and screens are also part of our road to wellness. Deep breathing, particularly through Yoga and drinking pure water will also make a difference. Jo shared her journey into the world of water filters, eliminating the chlorine and fluoride that has been added to our water. Fresh Air and Sunshine and a good dose of Vitamin D can also make a huge difference to our mental strength.

And one of the Two Natural Ladies favourites: Positive thinking! Look on the bright side. It is so easy to get depressed looking at the world and seeing all that is ‘wrong’ we need to see what we can do to make a difference. “I can’t make a difference to the whole world and I can do something in my world” As we feel good we affect others to feel good.

For more information contact the Natural Health Society

This is a fabulous uplifting discussion we highly recommend!



Recorded March 9

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