Two Natural Ladies Podcast 89 – We like to P so #letsdoit321

A few simple ways to P – (Put the Power into Peoples hands)


  • Pick up 3 pieces of rubbish
  • Share with two people
  • Take a picture

Get your next item of clothing from an Op shop –the difference that makes

Rescue an animal – if you looking for an animal, get a rescue animal SODR is one of these. Puffing Billy with Pooches


Wherever I lay my hat –Living on your own

Two Natural Ladies chat about Jo’s new adventure living on her own. Started by finding a place for her hats. Moving from a six bedroom mansion in 2017 to a two bedroom unit in 2021 – by herself. The process over these years with kids coming home to stay and moving out again.

Women are finding themselves on their own and financially in difficulty. Vicki & Jo discuss the inspiring movie Nomadland – living on your own on the road

Becoming self sufficient but not alone. Being able to do the things you need to but still having family and friends around.


Interview with Petra

Pop a cork, celebrate and eat cake! “Everyone has a book in them and how wonderful to hear a chapter of theirs”

And do you have a NOIM?

Two Natural Ladies interview Petra Harmer-Shrowder from PH Celebrants. Petra is a Commonwealth Registered Marriage Celebrant who creates beautiful ceremonies, throughout Australia for happy and sad occasions.

Petra began her exploration into Adventure Ceremonies after a wedding turned into a funeral on the Bedarra islands in Queensland. Her love for travel and something different led her to create services in the air, on the sea, in the snow or some other beautiful destination.

Jo & Vicki chatted with Petra about celebrating people’s lives while they are still with us. “Everyone has a book in them and how wonderful to hear a chapter of theirs” The idea of Living Ceremonies was inspired when Petra’s mum was diagnosed with Alzeimers. A way to remember, acknowledge and learn more about the person and then eat some cake with them!

In a competitive market it’s wonderful to offer something a little bit different. It doesn’t have to be with a huge amount of people or huge amount of expense. It can be beautiful and simple.

Many people forget there are legal procedures needed and when getting married. Petra explains one of the first things is a “Notice of Intended Marriage” (NOIM). There is often surprise at how much is involved in the first meeting with a celebrant and in light of this Petra is offering anyone listening to this, a guide, the top tips, including the procedures and ideas to work out what you want.

“We, the celebrants, need to remember-“The ceremony isn’t about us it’s about the people who are getting married”

In funerals, Petra explained, multicultural elements and rituals can be include as well as information about where the person came from. When her friend’s partner died on Bedarra Island the ceremony included a cocktail and a food dish named after him – it was a celebration!

Contact Petra at PH Celebrants via Facebook or email:

Mention Two Natural Ladies and get a FREE Celebrants guide, which includes all the legal documents you need as well as tips for the best ceremony for you


Two Natural ladies, ‘Older but Not Wiser’- “the more candles you have on your cake the hotter you are!”

Something arrived and Vicki has a gift for Jo -a 4Oceans dolphin bracelet- To celebrate Jo reads from the information sent with the bracelet about the delights and demise of these beautiful creatures. Bottle nose dolphins are found in almost all oceans but unfortunately due to the human and dolphin overlap in habitat more dolphins are dying. Accidental entanglement in fishing gear is the leading cause of dolphin deaths. Agriculture build up and plastics also create issues for all sea life.

Every 4Oceans bracelets purchased means one pound of rubbish is extracted from the ocean


Sharing the good in you and celebrating those in your life

Ubuntu – Africa: when someone does something wrong they are taken to the centre of the village and surrounded by the community – not to hurt them! For two days the community tells this person why they are good as the belief is we are all good. Through unity and affirmation a person can reconnect with who they really are.

Vicki and Jo consider how it would be if all communities worked this way. What would happen if we did this rather than punish. Young people can be rebellious and rather than punishing their acts we could tell them how great they are.

Re-create who someone is and the contribution they are. Acknowledgment can make such a difference. Jo & Vicki then chat about ‘this is your life’ with Jo’s family members being acknowledged.

Spending time with the family – and creating a ceremony and celebration with our parents and the people in our lives.


Interview with Paul 

Website designers are like carpenters – they use their craft to create something special

Paul Wagstaff is the owner of Cultivate Digital which is a boutique web design studio located in Melbourne, Australia and is now a top FIVE rated web design agency in Google.

Two Natural Ladies ask Paul, “What do we need to do when starting a business?” His answer – how long is a piece of string? Actually he didn’t say that Vicki did LOL. Paul explains what to do first is dependent on the size of the business; Is it a small part time business or one with hundreds of employees?

What everyone needs these days is a Website -to compete! And when creating a website things need to be in certain spots so people can quickly find them. ***A must is to put a phone number up top which will clicked and connect.

Web designers are like carpenters. They create something different and unique for each person.

Jo & Vicki also ask Paul about:

  • Costs of creating a website
  • What work can the client do?
  • SEO
  • Social media
  • Google maps

Paul talks about the benefits of blogs – Content is KING and it is important with any information put onto your website that it is original, or google will penalise you!

AND a BIG Important and empowering tip – **BACK YOURSELF**! You’ve made the leap so put some effort and time into your blogs and social media and spend some money.

And the million dollar question …’How do we know if what we are doing is working?’ Its all about the clicks, who click and fills in the form and how this relates to getting $$. We can’t rely on our fallible human memory “Yes this month was a pretty good month” How do you know that? Do you have data?

SEO is extremely important and gathering that data – finding out what’s working and what isn’t.

This a great podcast for anyone with their own business – or knows someone with their own business

And give Paul a call on 0409 402 607 and check out HIS website J


“The Itty bitty shitty committee”


All that stuff that goes on in our head. We can be having a great day, feeling wonderful then BAM the negative chatter in our head begins and sends us off on a negative tangent.

Two Natural Ladies discuss how these thoughts affect us, our children and all those around us. This then leads to a discussion about other ‘weird’ thoughts– Vicki’s daughter’s head sending her in all sorts of funny directions  and  Jo’s brother who is a musician, has music running round in his head.

From what’s in our head Jo and Vicki move to what’s on the page. Do our kids read? Do they like to read? And if we don’t read we can listen to others reading to us – like Vicki’s daughter Ash!

Two Natural Ladies finish this podcast discussing the quote:

“The happiest people I know are evaluating and improving themselves the unhappy people are usually evaluating and judging others.”

What we know now is not sufficient to move us to the next place. We need to create from nothing. And the part mistakes play in our growth. Thomas Edison found 1,000 ways not to create a light bulb before he did and Michael Jordan missed over 3,000 shots in his time to become – ‘Michael Jordan’


Recorded July 27, 2021

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