Film review: IN BOB WE TRUST, from Built For Speed

Father Bob McGuire, former parish priest of South Melbourne is a much loved, larger-than-life figure who, as a result of his mischievous, outspoken manner, pugnacious opposition to what he sees as antiquated Catholic Church practices and his life-long support of those less fortunate, has become an unlikely celebrity. In 2009, the Catholic Church hierarchy informed Father Bob that, at 75,

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Film review: BLINDER, from Built For Speed

For a country in which sport is almost a religion it seems strange that Australia has produced so few decent sporting movies.  While American films have successfully turned baseball, into a near-mythic commentary on clashing American values, Australia’s sporting films seem to be little more than a mix of nationalistic chest-beating dramas, well-meaning, blink and you’ll miss them low-budgeters and

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Film review, MENTAL, from Built For Speed

PJ Hogan’s debut film Muriel’s Wedding was a near-perfect combination of energetic kitsch, lovable characters, black humour and Australian social satire.  Does Hogan repeat the Muriel magic with his latest film Mental? No, he does not!  Despite aping Muriel with its ugly bogan beachside setting, its family (and particularly Mother) neglected and belittled by a philandering politician Father and its

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