What’s on ‘Built For Speed’, Friday 16th December 2016

Christmas is almost upon us and as renowned purveyors of festive cheer, ‘Built For Speed’ will, this week , treat listeners to some of our favourite Christmas songs. They may not be the ones you’ll hear on carols nights or on mind-numbing repeat at your supermarket but they’re guaranteed to do what Christmas music should do and that’s rock.  We’ll also play some tracks that just missed out on the coveted playlist for our ‘Best of 2016’ show (Friday 23rd December) and we’ll hear our final instalment in the ‘Best songs of the millennium’ segment.  On the movie front we’ll talk about the film of the moment ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’ and seasonal raunch comedy ‘Office Christmas Party’.  Don’t forget our regular preview of gigs and TV for the week.  Check out ‘Built For Speed’, Friday 8-10pm on 88.3 Southern FM.

What’s on ‘Built For Speed’, Friday 12th August 2016

This week it’s a packed show on ‘Built For Speed’ as we take a look at two of the big cinema releases, Absolutely  Fabulous and DC Comics adaptation Suicide Squad.  We’ll do a MIFF round-up featuring Jim Jarmusch’s Iggy and the Stooges documentary Gimme Danger and moon landing conspiracy comedy Operation Avalanche.  We’ll also continue our look at the best songs of the millennium so far with a focus on some indie pop classics.  Don’t forget our regular preview of gigs and TV for the week.  Check out ‘Built For speed’, Friday 8-10pm on 88.3 Southern FM.

‘Built For Speed’ Playlist 15th July 2016

Built for Speed – 15th July 2016

  1. YOU AM I – It ain’t funny how we don’t talk anymore. (Aus)
  2. THE MEANIES – The shallow end’s mine. (Aus)
  3. SUEDE – Outsiders.
  4. DJ SHADOW – The sideshow.
  5. PJ HARVEY – The ministry of defence.
  6. PALM SPRINGS- Winning and Losing. (Aus)
  7. THE FLAMING LIPS – Race for the prize.
  8. DAVE GRANEY – Night of the Wolverine
  9. BILLY BRAGG – Upfield.
  10. THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS – Setting sun.
  11. BANDIT QUEEN – Miss Dandys.
  12. MOTORHEAD – Stay Clean.
  13. THE CLASH – I fought the law.
  14. THE JAM – A Town Called Malice.
  15. THE RASPBERRIES – Go all the way.
  17. TODD RUNDGREN – I saw the light.
  18. RYAN ADAMS – So alive.
  19. THE GO TEAM – Panther Dash.
  20. THE LIKE – Walk of shame.
  21. STURGILL SIMPSON – Voices.
  22. MARK LANEGAN – Quiver Syndrome.


  • Gig guide
  • RETROSPECTIVE: 90’s music
  • FILM REVIEW: Sing Street
  • TV Preview
  • FILM REVIEW: Ghostbusters


‘Built For Speed’ Playlist 8th July 2016

Built for Speed – 8th July 2016

  1. THE GOOCH PALMS – Ask me why. (Aus)
  2. DEEP PURPLE – Fireball.
  3. IRON MAIDEN – Sun and steel.
  4. MASTODON – The wolf is loose.
  5. FLICKER – Winter’s gone. (Aus)
  6. THE BO WEEVILS – Into Sunshine (Aus)
  7. BELLES WILL RING – The Green (Aus)
  8. DM 3- Far from here. (Aus)
  9. AC/DC – High voltage. (Aus)
  10. VASCO ERA – For no one. (Aus)
  12. SURES – Poseidon. (Aus)
  13. DAMIEN JURADO – Metallic cloud.
  14. JOHN LEE HOOKER – Time is marching.
  15. NEIL YOUNG – Expecting to fly.
  16. THE BYRDS – Eight miles high.
  17. THE STONE ROSES – She bangs the drums.
  18. THE STONE ROSES – I am the resurrection.
  19. ANGEL OLSEN – Shut up and kiss me.
  20. THE WILDE FLOWERS – Memories.
  21. THE LIQUOR GIANTS – Bastanchury Park.
  22. THE POSIES – Definite door.


  • Gig guide
  • DVD REVIEW: Metal evolution.
  • FILM REVIEW: Maggie’s Plan
  • FILM REVIEW: The Stone Roses: Made of Stone
  • FILM REVIEW: Septembers of Shiraz

‘Built For Speed’ Playlist 1st July 2016

Built for Speed – 1st July 2016

  2. SUEDE – Like Kids.
  3. PJ HARVEY – Hope Six Demolition Project.
  4. THE GOOCH PALMS – Living room bop. (Aus)
  5. MAN AND THE ECHO – As vile as you want.
  6. THE DEVIL DOGS – Baby, I’m a king.
  7. SHUDDER TO THINK – X-French t-shirt.
  8. GAS HUFFER – Crooked bird.
  9. NEIL YOUNG – Big Green Country.
  10. THE CLOUDS – Bower of bliss. (Aus)
  11. THE KILLJOYS – Michael told me. (Aus)
  12. THE FALLING JOYS – Shelter. (Aus)
  13. THE HUMMINGBIRDS – Word gets around. (Aus)
  14. METALLICA – All nightmare long.
  15. SHARON VAN ETTEN – I don’t want to let you down.
  16. TAME IMPALA – The less I know the better
  17. THE KILLS – Last day of magic.
  18. INTERPOL – Evil.
  19. YEAH YEAH YEAHS – Maps.
  20. TOM WAITS – Hang down your head.
  21. BOB DYLAN – In my time of dying.
  22. HOT SPOKE – Don’t go. (Aus)
  23. THE MINT CHICKS – Walking off a cliff again.


  • Gig guide
  • FILM REVIEW: Independence Day: Resurgence
  • FILM REVIEW: Mustang
  • FILM REVIEW: Everybody wants some


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