Built For Speed, Playlist, Friday 7th February 2014

Built For Speed – Playlist – Friday 7th February 2014 REDD KROSS – Stay away from downtown. STARKY – City Prison Doors. (Aus) THE DRONES – Baby squared. (Aus) CLAIRY BROWNE & THE BANGIN’ RACKETTES – Walk of shame. (Aus) RED HOT CHILLI PEPPERS – Can’t stop. LOON LAKE – Carolina. (Aus) BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN – Brilliant disguise. ELASTICA – Stutter.

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Armageddon on Radio Ga Ga

This Saturdays episode of Radio Ga Ga will feature songs about “The End of The World”. Yes yes REM will be in for a visit to perform “It’s the end of the world as we know it” but here will be a host of other acts swinging by Radio Ga Ga including The Clash, The Eels, Smashing Pumpkins, Blondie, Bruce

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Train Tracks on Radio Ga Ga

This Saturday morning Radio Ga Ga is going to from the radio station to the train station as we feature “tunes about trains” with a great mix of songs from all eras about trains. Traditionally, many blues songs are written with trains as part of the story but we are going to focus on more mainstream songs on this weeks

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