Film review: GET OUT, by Nick Gardener from ‘Built For Speed’

A strange mash-up of M Night Shyamalan’s better work and Meet the Parents, the socially perceptive, comedy-inflected horror film Get Out is an impressive directorial debut for Jordan Peel. Here, Chris Washington (Daniel Kaluuya) is the boyfriend nervously heading to a first encounter with his girlfriend’s parents. He’s particularly anxious because his white girlfriend Rose (Allison Williams) hasn’t mentioned to

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Film review: THE SALESMAN, from ‘Built For Speed’

Iranian director Ashgar Farhadi’s The Salesman recently won the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film. Farhadi caused the evening’s second most controversial moment when he refused to appear because of his disapproval of the US government’s travel ban on citizens from selected countries. Instead he had an Iranian-American engineer Anousheh Ansari read a powerful statement about the dangers of divisiveness.

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Film review: PERFECT STRANGERS, from ‘Built For Speed’

From Luis Bunuel’s dark classic Exterminating Angel to the raucous Steve Carrell comedy Dinner For Schmucks, the hellish dinner party scenario is familiar to cinema audiences. Through some inventive twists and a plot device that plugs straight into contemporary culture, the smart, acerbic Italian Film Perfect Strangers (which screened at the 2016 Lavazza Italian Film Festival and was a box

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