Film review: ONE MILE ABOVE, from Built For Speed

One Mile Above from director Jiayi Du is a mostly successful mix of humanist drama, travelogue and adventure story that occasionally recalls Sean Penn’s Into the Wild in its tale of a man confronting the elements and himself. The film follows the journey of young Taiwanese man Zhang (Zhang Shuhao) who decides to honour his late brother by completing a

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Film review: PERFORMANCE, from Built For Speed

Not to be confused with Nic Roeg’s freaky 1970 counter-culture film, Performance depicts the traumas afflicting a revered American string quartet as they confront human frailty in its many forms.  The film was originally titled A Late Quartet but this was changed in Australia to avoid confusion with Dustin Hoffman’s film Quartet which also focused on a group of classical musicians.

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Film review: SIDE EFFECTS, from Built For Speed

America’s all-consuming obsession with psychiatric treatment and feel-good pharmaceuticals is the back drop for Steven Soderbergh’s intriguing, atmospheric but convoluted thriller, Side Effects. In this film Rooney Mara plays Emily a young woman who, after her husband’s (Channing Tatum) release from prison, begins to exhibit strange and even suicidal behaviour. When a psychiatrist Dr Jonathon Banks (Jude Law) prescribes Emily

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