Two-Natural-Ladies-Show61-20 October-2020

Another feel good episode including a delicious smorgasboard of topics 🙂 Grey is the NEW blonde – Happy Birthday Vicki ? And HONEY is the word of the day Two Natural Ladies have it handled. Jo & Vicki are going grey. No more colouring! After all they are Two NATURAL Ladies! From there the discussion leads on to the world

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The Lions share

On The Community Block, the President of Sandringham Lions Club Lee Murray brings us the latest news and events and introduces special guest Cerise de Gelder.  Listen to the podcast here. More info:  

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Two-Natural-Ladies-Show47-July7-2020 – Podcast

Friendship, Kindness and gratitude Two Natural Ladies discuss what the world needs now Whilst sharing facts on our oceans and ways we can be more sustainable. One step at a time. Looking at seaweed, picking up rubbish, the different rules to Monopoly and doughnut economics, 2040 and 4 Oceans. Dealing with life in the ‘new normal’ and how we are

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