Film review: ‘SEE YOU UP THERE’, by Nick Gardener from ‘Built For Speed’

Enjoying French actor/ writer/ director Albert Dupontel’s oddball WW1 drama See You Up There is largely dependent on the viewer’s attitude toward the quirkier side of French cinema. Those who enjoy manic behaviour, over-the-top performances, bizarre imagery and general silliness characteristic of French directors like Jean Pierre Jeunet will spoil their trousers over this film. Those who recoil at that

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Film review: FLY ME TO THE MOON, from Built For Speed

Fly Me to the Moon has nothing to do with song popularised by Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett, in fact that track never appears in the film. This is a quirky French rom-com which unfortunately emphasises the less appealing aspects of French comedies such as zany, manic behaviour and clichéd resolutions rather than the sharp wit, intellectual propositions and rich

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