On Mind, Body Heart and Soul, Christine chats with Philip Stevens Neurophysiologist & Swami

Join Christine Heart Savage on Mind, Body, Heart & Soul at 11am Monday, for an inspiring program with special guest Philip Stevens.  Philip is a Consultant Neurophysiologist and Sleep Scientist, and he is also a Swami  (Swami Samnyasananda).  Listen in for an interesting program where East meets West. www.yogalinks.net www.christine@nullbreatheforlife.com.au

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Staying healthy in the face of so much pollution

This week on Mind, Body, Heart & Soul, Christine Heart Savage is chatting to the delightful Robin Stein, author of many books, two of them being “The Complete Numerology of Love” and “The IVF Alternative”.  Robin is  lady of many talents, she even spent a time of her life traveling the world as a Jazz singer.  Today Robin is speaking

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