BEST MEDICINE – today – my guests:  Spiri Tsintziras to talk about her book: My Ikaria; then Fiona McCallum to talk about her novel: Making Peace; and lots more. Please  join me, Gaytana


BEST MEDICINE – today – I;m talking with Anouska Jones about a lovely book: Happiness is a Red Teapot and later FATS – good bad etc and lots more. Please join me, Gaytana

Christine is chatting to Dr Irene Prantalos (TCM) on Mother Nature Cyles, Food and Health

On Mind, Body, Heart and Soul this week, Christine Heart Savage is interviewing Dr Irene Prantalos (Traditional Chinese Medical Practitioner) on the cycles of Mother Nature and her ability to guide us towards optimal health.  There is such confusion around diet these days; what foods to eat, what time to eat and how this blends with the cycles of nature.  Dr Irene will speak about the meridian, and which foods effect each organ and the timing of each natural cycle.

Please join us for an informative, interesting program…  and as usual a few laughs to boot!


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