Film review: BACHELORETTE, from Built For Speed

Bridesmaids showed that films about women behaving badly at weddings could be critical and box office hits.  Bridesmaids was funny and in your face but also genuinely moving as it explored the way the supposedly joyous occasion of a wedding elicited people’s anxieties, disappointments and self-loathing.  Bachelorette tries to tap into the same world of ballsy female bonding and painful

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Film review: ON THE ROAD, from Built For Speed

Through the adventures of would be writer Sal paradise and his crazed buddy Dean Moriarty, Jack Kerouac’s largely autobiographical 1957 novel On the Road attempted to articulate the restlessness of intellectually ambitious but disillusioned post-war American youth. The film adaptation by Walter Salles (Motorcycle Diaries) turns the story into a weird bromance as Sal (Sam Riley) and Dean (Garrett Hedlund)

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What’s on Built For Speed, Friday 28th September 2012

This week on Built For Speed we return to more art house fare with reviews of Cate Shortland’s World War 2 drama “Lore” and the long awaited adaptation of the Jack Kerouac classic “On the Road” which stars Kristen Stewart, Kirsten Dunst and Sam Riley.  There’s also plenty of new music from The Vaccines, Jeff the Brotherhood and Alabama Shakes. 

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