TONIGHT – our Passionate Reader will talk about his latest selection – don’t miss it and later I’ll be talking with the director of the Bayside Literary Festival plus loads more.

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TONIGHT – Do you love words? Lament mistakes? Tune in because I’ll be talking with Elizabeth Morrison author of The Right Word; and then George Ivanoff and I will talk about the books we’ve been reading and a lot more – on Write Now – with me, Gaytana

Communication and it’s different flavours

This week on Mind, Body, Heart and Soul Christine Heart Savage discusses “Communication” and all it’s different flavours with one of her regular guest’s Dr Ranjani Ratnam.  Everything in life is a communication in one form or another and this week  the program is on the “in’s and out’s” of this universal correspondence called communication.

christine heart savage       http://breatheforlife.com.au

dr ranjani  ratnam                  http://www.meditationforhealing.com.au

Best Medicine

Get the goss on our forgotten Aussie lingo on Best Medicine Tuesday 21 December, 11am – noon, when I talk with award winning journalist and author Hugh Lunn about his latest book: Words Fail Me, a journey through Australia’s lost language. It’s fun, but also a record of our language and culture at a particular time.

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