Duksey & The Hazzards MordiFest Interview Podcast

Listen below to Mick Todd of FatMan Blues interviewing Nick and Dave of Dukesy and the Hazzards, following their barnstorming performance on the main stage at the recent Mordialloc By The Bay Festival.

More info on the band including gigs here

Mordialloc By The Bay Festival Pics

Picture highlights from this year’s Mordialloc By The Bay Festival where Southern FM broadcast two days live from the main Blues and Roots stage.

Our thanks to Ian Harvey who took all the pictures you see here.

© Ian Harvey

Lloyd Spiegel at Mordialloc by the Bay Festival 2011 Podcast

Southern FM favourite Lloyd Spiegel gave a rip-roaring performance at this year’s Mordialloc By the Bay Festival, along with his partner, percussion savant genius Arunachala.

Click the play button below to hear the full show live.

Matt Carr Band Live at Mordy By The Bay Festival 2011 Podcast

Listen below to the full set of the Matt Carr band as broadcast live on 88.3 Southern FM at the Mordialloc By The Bay Festival March 2011