Two Natural Ladies Show67- Podcast

Beginning – 15:30 (15mins 30 seconds) What do our children really think of us? The Good the Bad and the Ugly Two Natural Ladies interview their children: Something they learnt was ‘Get that you failed and go from there’ Jo & Vicki found the conversations interesting and illuminating Vicki crying in the car and how her daughter felt. Jo yelling

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Two-Natural-Ladies-Show59-Oct6-2020 Podcast

The fun continues as a number of serious and not so serious topics are discussed – topics include – Well-oiled machine Starting with some gratitude for the family, Two Natural Ladies discuss endorphins when gardening the wonder of worms (Eew Yuk) and a wonderful Corona virus poem from Pam Eyre’s This leads to a discussion about control and the feeling

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Keeping Kids Safe Online Podcast

We all grew up aware of ‘stranger danger’ but kids nowadays have to be wary of threats online too. This week on Hear and There we chatted with Bayside author Lisa Rothfield-Kirschner, about her new children’s book, “How We Got Cyber Smart”, helping families and kids to stay safe online.

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