Film review: THE FRENCH MINISTER, from Built For Speed

It may be clever, politically aware and intellectually dense but comedy/ drama The French Minister is one of the most annoying films of the year. Like a quirky, manic French take on The West Wing, this journey into the hyper-stressed world of French politics mostly consists of obnoxious, arrogant buffoons spouting grandiose and mostly incomprehensible waffle.  The main offender is

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Film review: NO, from Built For Speed

No Many films centre on political campaigns including Robert Redford’s fascinating slow burn The Candidate and the overrated George Clooney/ Ryan Gosling spin doctor drama The Ides of March. No, which focuses on a campaign to oust Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet’s is one of the stranger additions to the political film genre. In 1988 international pressure forced Augusto Pinochet to

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