Film review: more views on IRON MAN 3, from Built For Speed

By 2008 the Marvel Comics adaptations weren’t looking too healthy.  The Fantastic Four films had been turkeys and the overlong and confusing Spiderman 3 had skittled the high expectations raised by the sensational Spiderman 2.  Iron Man, however, was like a 50,000 vault surge of electricity to the ailing Frankenstein corpse of superhero movies.  The film combined powerful dynamic action

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Film review: IRONMAN 3 from Built For Speed

Robert Downey Jnr returns in another Iron Man film (the Third), or fourth if you count last years’ The Avengers. Downey has the Tony Stark – brilliant, fun, misunderstood inventor – shtick down pat and twitches and quips his way through Iron Man 3 (IM3) without raising a sweat. If you get confused whether Downey is Sherlock Holmes or Tony

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