Join legendary Blossom Toes member Brian Godding as he discusses ‘Before & After’ The Blossom Toes. As an adjunct to the Purple Haze Archive Blossom Toes Special Brian Godding talks about the bands immediately before The Blossom Toes, The Ingoes & after, BB Blunder. BB Blunder’s Workers Playtime is a cult classic & also features Julie Driscoll & Rolling Stone guitar hero Mick Taylor.

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What’s on Built For Speed, Friday 2nd August 2013

This week on Built For Speed we’re up to our ears in controversy as we look at the most notorious bands in rock history.  From the Sex Pistols’ salute to the Queen to Jarvis Cocker’s revealing performance at the 1996 Brit Music Awards, we shine the spotlight on the artists who have caused public outrage and moral panic.  Ably assisting us in our journey through rock’s great scandals will be our special guest for evening, the legendary Billy Pinnell.

We don’t ignore the movies, though, as we have a look at Hugh Jackman slicing and dicing the opposition in The Wolverine and we explore the tasteful restrained world of Liberace in Behind the Candelabra.

Don’t forget our regular preview of upcoming gigs and TV for the week.

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Built For Speed, Playlist, Friday 8th February 2013


1.       TINY MIGRANTS – A Public Execution. (Aus)

2.       CUSTOM KINGS – Sunday. (Aus)

3.       LITTLE BIRDY – Run run run. (Aus)

4.       TWO GALLANTS – Song of songs.

5.       THE STRAIGHT ARROWS – Lies. (Aus)

6.       GARY CLARK JR – Bright lights.

7.       TY SEGALL AND WHITE FENCE – Scissor people.

8.       THE WALK ONS – I can’t be satisfied.

9.       DR JOHN – Revolution.

10.    ROLLING STONES – Doo doo doo (Heartbreaker).

11.    ROLLING STONES – Angie.

12.    ROLLING STONES – Silver train.

13.    THE REPLACEMENTS – Bent out of shape.

14.    JOY DIVISION – Failures.

15.    ROLLING STONES – My obsession.

16.    BELLY – Now they’ll sleep.

17.    EDISON LIGHTHOUSE – Love grows where my Rosemary grows.

18.    T-REX – Telgram Sam.

19.    JANIS JOPLIN – Ball and chain.

20.    ROKY ERICKSON – I’ve just seen a face.

21.    THE DIRTBOMBS – Shari vari.




  • PREVIEW: Transitions Film Festival
  • FILM REVIEW: Lincoln
  • FILM REVIEW: Zero Dark Thirty
  • FILM REVIEW: Movie 43
  • CLASSIC ALBUM: Rolling stones- Goats head soup.

Cheaters on Radio Ga Ga

This weeks Radio Ga Ga will feature songs about “the other woman” or “other man” as we play songs about affairs. There is sure to be some interesting material from our chosen artists who will include James Blunt, Shania Twain, Billy Paul, Wishbone Ash, Led Zeppelin, Mika, Carly Simon, Rolling Stones, Keith Urban, The Four Seasons, McFly, Jethro Tull and Barry Manilow (no, we will not be playing Copacabana). Can you guess what the songs might be by these artists? Do you have any suggesions for songs that should be added to the RGG playlist for this week?

Get around it!!!

Food Glorious Food on Radio Ga Ga

It’s all about food on Radio Ga Ga this Saturday from 10am – noon. Pie, cake, peaches, strawberries, bread & butter, popcorn, lemon, sugar, candy, tangerines, banana’s, lobster, cream, onions, apples, coconut and chicken all get a run through by artists such as Bow Wow Wow, Booker T & the MG’s, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Crowded House, Smashing Pumpkins, Village People, The Cramps and Prince. Tune in for the fun that is Radio Ga Ga on Southern!!

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