Film review: MAGGIE’S PLAN, from ‘Built For Speed’

Somewhere between endearingly quirky and irritatingly pretentious writer director Rebecca Miller’s Maggie’s Plan is the latest in what could be termed the alternative rom-com genre, a filmmaking style typified by the works of Noah Baumbach. It’s also part of that growing cinematic sub-genre, the Greta Gerwig film, in which Gerwig plays the lovably ditzy but still capable and philosophical young

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Film review: SLEEPING WITH OTHER PEOPLE, from ‘Built For Speed’

Tiresome rom-com Sleeping with Other People unbelievably screened at MIFF this year and now has a general release through Palace Cinemas. The film proposes the bizarre notion that Jason Sudeikis could be some sort of romantic lead. He plays insouciant smart-ass Jake, a sex addict who, 13 years ago, lost his virginity to the slightly crazed and extremely flirty Lainey

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