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Romantic comedy  // Posts tagged as "Romantic comedy"

Film review: MAGGIE’S PLAN, from ‘Built For Speed’

Somewhere between endearingly quirky and irritatingly pretentious writer director Rebecca Miller’s Maggie’s Plan is the latest in what could be termed the alternative rom-com genre, a filmmaking style typified by the works of Noah Baumbach. It’s also part of that growing cinematic sub-genre, the Greta Gerwig film, in which Gerwig plays the lovably ditzy but […]


Film review: SLEEPING WITH OTHER PEOPLE, from ‘Built For Speed’

Tiresome rom-com Sleeping with Other People unbelievably screened at MIFF this year and now has a general release through Palace Cinemas. The film proposes the bizarre notion that Jason Sudeikis could be some sort of romantic lead. He plays insouciant smart-ass Jake, a sex addict who, 13 years ago, lost his virginity to the slightly […]


Film review: LOVE ROSIE, from Built For Speed

Love, Rosie at first seems to be just another cute, fluffy British (or more accurately Irish) rom-com full of unrealistically pretty people enjoying idealised twenty-something lifestyles.  As we have seen, though, with Studio Canal films such as the similarly named Love, Actually, these types of movies have a sneaky way of seducing audiences with their […]



Time travel is one of the most tantalising concepts in cinema.  The possibility of exploring uncharted worlds of the future, of re-living cherished moments from the past or even rectifying mistakes, holds an eternal fascination.  Unfortunately, very little of that fascination works its way into the quirky Australian time travel rom-com The Infinite Man.  This […]


Film review: SLEEPWALK WITH ME, from Built For Speed

Sleepwalk With Me is a gentle but not particularly funny romantic comedy written and directed by and starring This American Life’s Mike Birbiglia. He plays the pudgy, doleful 30-something Matt Pandamiglio, a wanna-be stand-up comedian whose career has advanced to the point of mopping up vomit in a bar.  Averse to adult responsibility, he has […]