Write Now – TONIGHT  at 7pm- Rich Land Wasteland by Sharyn Munro – ‘How coal is killing Australia’. Hear the interview and the facts: adverse impacts on individuals, families and communities and the destruction  of valuable farming land, environmental degradation and more. She’s done the research. You need to know.


Best Medicine TODAY 11am – imagine industrial noise 24/7, toxic air pollution, daytime blasts that rock your home and if they go wrong – killer clouds of nitrous oxides; you and your kids are ill, BUT you have no rights, little or no redress – except to walk away from your home in the hope you can salvage your health!
I’m talking with Sharyn Munro about her book Rich Land Wasteland – today. She’s not a crank. She’s done the research and talked to numerous families and communities.
PLEASE tune in. Don’t miss this.
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