Christine is interviewing Dr Irene Prantalos on Cometic Accupuncture

Join Christine Heart Savage on Mind, Body, Heart & Soul at 10.00am. Christine is interviewing her regular guest Dr Irene Prantalos, a Tradition Chinese Medical Practitioner (TCM) on Cometic Acupuncture.   Listen to how you can slow down the ageing process with Acupuncture.  It’s certainly an interesting topic! Tune in to our lively discussion at 10.ooam on Monday 6th of

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Christine chats to Dr Irene Prantalos about Adrenal Fatigue

Christine Heart Savage is chatting with Dr Irene Prantalos, a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner, on Adrenal Fatigue and the stress hormone “Cortisol”.  Often tests come back normal from your Doctor, so was is giving you the symptoms???  Tune in and find out some interesting information about stress and how it effects your health and how you feel. What can we

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Christine is speaking with Dr Irene Prantalos TCM Practitioner

On Mind, Body, Heart & Soul Christine Heart Savage is interviewing Dr Irene Prantalos on Pregnany and Nutrition.  Irene is a Doctor of Chinese Natural Medicine, and is a regular guest.  Irene has first hand experience on this topic,  having recently had her first baby.  Please join us at 10.00am Monday 2 November…  It’s always very informative and a real

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