Yvette’s spirit of Jazz – podcast

In this podcast from The Spirit Within on 13 July 2021, your host Glenford Noble chats with Yvette Johansson. one of Melbourne’s finest jazz singers. More info: facebook.com/YvetteTheEntertainer/ The Spirit Within is heard on 88.3 Southern FM on the second Tuesday of each month at 2 PM.

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Meet poet Eugen Bacon – podcast

On the May 2021 edition of The Spirit Within, Glenford Noble speaks with Eugen Bacon, an African-Australian writer, scholar and poet who was once a computer scientist. Listen to their conversation on this podcast. More info: www.eugenbacon.com

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Gayelene on The Spirit Within – Podcast

On The Spirit Within this month, Glenford Noble introduces Gayelene Carbis. Not only is she an award- winning poet and writer, Gayelene is a greater lover of community choirs. Have a listen to the podcast of the interview as broadcast on The Community Block (Tuesdays 2 PM to 4 PM) on 88.3 Southern FM.

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A podcast that could save your life

One in six Australian men will get diagnosed with prostate cancer before they turn 85. Don’t be alarmed, be informed by listening to Dr Jane Crowe on this podcast from “The Spirit Within” as heard on 88.3 Southern FM.
For more information: visit https://australianprostatecentre.org.au/

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