Film review: ‘A BEAUTIFUL DAY IN THE NEIGHBOURHOOD’ by Nick Gardener from ‘Built For Speed’

Fred Rogers, the host of the American children’s educational TV show Mr Rogers’ Neighbourhood (amongst others) is a much-loved pop cultural icon in the US but isn’t particularly well known to Australian audiences. After seeing the film, A Beautiful Day in The Neighbourhood, which stars Tom Hanks as Mr Rogers and is based on real events in Roger’s life, viewers

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Film review: ‘TOY STORY 4’ by Nick Gardener from ‘Built For Speed’

The Toy Story movies have been some of the crowning achievements of modern family film-making. All of them have been wonderful animated fantasy adventures that are cleverer, more inventive, funnier and more moving than most Hollywood live action films. It’s one franchise that deserves a multitude of sequels. Toy Story 4 continues the impressive standard of the previous films although

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Film review: CAPTAIN PHILLIPS, from Built For Speed

Few directors have captured the trauma of violent conflict as powerfully and realistically as Paul Greengrass has with films like United 93, Bloody Sunday and his contributions to the Jason Bourne saga. His latest film Captain Phillips is no different.  This superbly made maritime thriller, which sees heavily-armed Somali pirates take over an American cargo ship, has all the white

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