Best Medicine Christine Darcas Podcast

Christine Darcas (expat American, now living here) has had her second novel published. Spinning Out is a great read. A character driven novel with contemporary and relevant themes. Christine was in studio for the hour and we could have talked for even longer.  For anyone adjusting to life in another country, or living with thwarted dreams, unresolved emotional baggage, who values friendship, love, hope, passion refound –  this is for you. Gaytana

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Best Medicine Father Pat Connor Podcast

Whom Not To Marry – advice from longtime counsellor Father Pat Connor (an Aussie, living in the US for years). When Fr Pat wrote a column for the New York Times on the subject,  the response was immediate and huge; then the publishers came calling. After publication the world’s media called. It’s quite a sensation.  I spoke with witty, wise Fr Pat live (isn’t Skype a wonderful thing!) In the studio with me was my friend Noel Tennison, lifetime friend of Fr Pat.  So we had some amusing exchanges during the conversation about his book and advice. Have a listen.  Gaytana

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Best Medicine Stephen Sartarelli Podcast

For lovers of the Inspector Montalbano novels catch my interview with Stephen Sartarelli, the English language translator of the books.  Stephen took time out from his busy schedule when he visited Australia, to talk with me about the challenges and rewards of translating. He was recovering from the real ‘flu, but was generous, warm, forthcoming, intelligent. The interview was aired on 10 August this year. Gaytana

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‘Worried about your memory?’ This Tuesday 7 September, get the latest information from my guest, Associate Professor Michael Woodward (Austen Health – Director of the Memory Clinic)

Also find out about a FREE event (which includes a performance)  during Dementia Awareness Week.

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Men’s health & wellbeing and the SHED – Tuesday 31 August at 11am (’til noon)  on the Best Medicine. John Knight, former Mayor of Bayside speaks about this subject close to his heart.  Make it a date with me Gaytana.

Also podcasts of Best Medicine are coming soon: interviews with three interesting people.

AND best wishes to Christine for her new programme – Heart, body & soul –  starting today at 11am. Go girl!

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