Film review: WAR HORSE from Built for Speed

Stephen Spielberg’s old fashioned WW1 epic War Horse is at times thrilling and moving but too often falls victim to Spielberg’s cheesy filmmaking style. Initially set in a John Ford approved scenic English valley, the film sees young Albert (Jeremy Irvine) the son of a turnip farmer dedicating himself to raising a thoroughbred horse named Joey. When the farm falters

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Film review, ALBERT NOBBS, from Built for Speed

I suspect the producers of Albert Nobbs hoped to benefit from the fascination with 19th century upstairs-downstairs intrigue generated by Downton Abbey.  Set in a similar environment although this time it’s an upmarket Dublin hotel the film takes the notion of servants subordinated by society to a new level. This strange story of (often painful) gender bending sees a woman

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Film review: THE IRON LADY, from Built for Speed

The Iron Lady which is directed by Phyllida Lloyd and stars Meryl Streep recounts the life of Margaret Thatcher Britain’s Prime Minister from 1979 – 1990. The idea of the Mamma Mia director Phylida Lloyd helming a film about Margaret Thatcher, one of the most significant and controversial political figures of the 20th century, was a dubious one. While some

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