What’s on Built for Speed: Friday 28th October 2011

This week Built for Speed honours that fine Australian tradition of Halloween by playing a spine chilling selection of spooky tunes.  Pretty much anything that name drops ghosties, goblins and beasties will get a run so expect plenty of Misfits, Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath.  We step away from the spookiness momentarily to give our views on two new release movies:

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Film review: FOOTLOOSE from Built for Speed

With its remake of 80’s teen flick Footloose, Hollywood continues to plunder the riches of Gen X nostalgia and Gen Y’s love of ironic retro cool.  The original 1984 film launched Kevin Bacon to stardom as a romantic lead only to see him subsequently playing sleazeballs and paedophiles. Careful not to tinker with a previously successful formula, the filmmakers have created

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Film review: THE THING from Built for Speed

Exploding in a fountain of gore at a cinema near you is the third version of sci fi horror classic The Thing.  This version, directed by Matthijs Heijningen and starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Joel Edgerton is actually a prequel to the 1982 John Carpenter film. Without dropping spoilers, fans of the ’82 film will be pleased to know that

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