Film review: COWBOYS AND ALIENS, from Built for Speed

As David Letterman recently pointed out, Cowboys and Aliens is one of the least ambiguous movie titles going, there’s cowboys and there’s aliens, same as there were snakes on a plane in a film that will remain nameless.  While the plot barely rises above the title in terms of complexity, the film still attempts the ambitious feat of uniting two disparate

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Film review: GREEN LANTERN from Built For Speed

If super heroes were rock stars Green Lantern would be the drummer from The Smiths.  Apart from those who attend comic conferences, most people don’t know who the hell he is.  The producers of the Green Lantern movie seem, therefore, to be pinning their hopes on the current buzz around the superhero comic adaptations to lure the crowds. In this

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Film Review: FIRE IN BABYLON from Built For Speed

If ever a sporting team deserved to have a film made about it, it’s the West Indies cricket team of the 1970’s and 80’s. They were exciting, charismatic world beaters who dramatically altered the face of cricket.  With infectious passion, the documentary Fire in Babylon recounts the West Indies’ ascendancy from an unsuccessful team derided as happy go lucky calypso

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