What’s on Built For Speed, Fri 22nd July 2011

This Friday on Built for Speed we review Steve Coogan’s latest film The Trip as well as the Rennie Harlin-directed Five days of war.  We also have a listen to Crystal Theatre the latest album from Belles Will Ring and plenty of new and old alternative music.  We’ll also take a look at the Melbourne International Film Festival and keep you up

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What’s on Built For Speed, Fri 15th July 2011

This week Built For Speed reviews the biggest cinema blockbuster of the year, Harry Potter and the Deathly hallow part 2.  There’s also a feast of new and old alternative music including a focus on France and Canada.  We also look at JJJ’s top 100 Australian albums and play some of our Aussie favourites.  As if that wasn’t enough we also have the

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Film review: TREE OF LIFE, from Built For Speed

Is Tree of Life a deeply profound statement of man’s relationship with God, the natural world and death or is it just an annoyingly pretentious load of cobblers? Such will be the heated debate following every screening of Terence Malick’s befuddling epic. This is the notoriously non-prolific Malick’s first film in six years and it certainly exudes the writer/ director’s phenomenal and

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