Baysider’s history of amateur theatre

At last someone is capturing and preserving the history of amateur theatre in Australia and it’s Bayside’s own Cheryl Threadgold OAM. Cheryl’s PhD research into non-professional theatre was the foundation for her chat with Colin Tyrus on “A Newsman and his Music”, broadcast on 88.3 Southern FM on Monday 10 September 2018.

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PlayStation part of build up to AFL Finals

Young footballers go through a strict training regime during the AFL season, and the hard work continues in the lead up to the finals. But the players also need to relax.
For some young Demons, there’s nothing like a few hours of PlayStation action with team mates, as Christian Salem explained to Colin Tyrus on “A Newsman and his Music” – Mondays 10 AM to Midday 88.3 Southern FM.
Christian Salem also speaks about his junior football career, his schooldays at Brighton Grammar and his love of the Melbourne Football Club.

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SCOMO in Canberra but SLOMO for Victorian Liberals?

Nine News State Political Reporter Andrew Lund talks to Colin Tyrus about the fallout from the Liberal Party turmoil in Canberra in the lead up to the State Election. Andrew says most voters know how to differentiate between State and Federal issues, but they might choose to punish the Liberal Party at the State level because the Victorian election comes before the next Federal poll.

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Sexism and swearing still rife in workplaces

Employment and recruitment consultant Graham Wynn talks to Colin Tyrus about getting “work ready”. But he also reveals that some employers – particularly small and medium business operators – don’t want to hire people who might “rock the boat” or report unacceptable behaviour such as swearing and sexism in the workplace. If you think those days are gone, have a listen to this interview.

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