Emmy Bryce LSS Podcast

Emmy Bryce came by the Southern FM studios last Sunday and played an amazing set including her single “Every Star is a Setting Sun to Someone” and the b-side “Infinity and Eternity“. Check out the whole show again on the podcast. “Thank you for having me on your show – had a great time with the band and your crew

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Music Director new music this week

everything old is new again..to steal a peter allen line.Rolling stones find a lost track from SOME GIRLS , got a sampler from JOHN CALE ex Velvet Underground and it’s awesome , Susan Boyle delivers some stunning covers , REM going out with a BANG, seeker lover keeper , Tom waits new LP , music from abc tv series twentysomething

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What’s on Built for Speed: Friday 28th October 2011

This week Built for Speed honours that fine Australian tradition of Halloween by playing a spine chilling selection of spooky tunes.  Pretty much anything that name drops ghosties, goblins and beasties will get a run so expect plenty of Misfits, Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath.  We step away from the spookiness momentarily to give our views on two new release movies:

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