Built For Speed, Playlist, Friday 20th April 2012

BUILT FOR SPEED, PLAYLIST, FRIDAY 20TH APRIL 2012 WILD FLAG- Romance DEVIN – You’re mine. GUIDED BY VOICES – Motorway. BIG SCARY – Hey somebody. (AUS) RADIOHEAD – Just. YOU AM I – Berlin Chair.(AUS) AC/DC – Thunderstuck.(AUS) PRETENDERS – Up the neck. PRETENDERS – Kid. PRETENDERS – Tattooed Lover Boys. SUNNYBOYS – Liar. (AUS) RED KROSS – Yesterday once

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Film review: BATTLESHIP, from Built For Speed

Fans of literate tasteful cinema beware, Battleship is everything you hate.  Like a hybrid of Pearl Harbour, Transformers and Armageddon, Battleship features masturbatory military fetishism, American flags billowing in the breeze, party animals saving the world and scenes of mass destruction delivered at ear destroying, nerve shattering volume. Add to that one Taylor Kitsch, the man who distinguished himself with

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