Radio Ga Ga remembers K-Tel

Check out the K-Tel record selector TV commercial here

This Saturday mornings Radio Ga Ga will head back to the 70’s to remember all about 20 original hits/20 original artists as we plumb the depths of the mighty K-Tel catalogue. Remember the K-Tel “spaceage” Record Selector? Remember the great names of the albums other than “Explosive Hits ’74” and “Ripper ’76”, think “Superbad”, “Unreal”, “Bobby Dazzler”, “Outa Sight”, “Scorcher” and “Bullseye!”. Do you recall the way songs that ran too long had a verse edited out so that they could fit 10 or more songs on each side of the vinyl disc? And how did they manage to get a “Mum & Dad song” on each album performed by the likes of  Nana Mouskouri, Roger Whittaker, Al Martino or Vicki Lawrence or alternatively a Young Talent Time star such as Rod Kirkham, Debra Byrne or Jamie Redfern. Thats “Just Gold”….hmmm..sounds like a name for a new K-Tel release. Join Lucy & Mark for 2 fun hours from 10am on Saturday morning as we revisit the institution that was K-Tel.

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