Built For Speed, Playlist, Friday 27th September 2013

Built For Speed – Playlist – Friday 27th September 2013

  1. CAVE – Neverendless.
  2. HOWLIN STEAM TRAIN – Over the bend. (Aus)
  3. UNDERGROUND LOVERS – Can for now.(Aus)
  4. 1.1.1.- Do it again. (Aus)
  5. HUNTERS & COLLECTORS – The Slab.(Aus)
  6. EVERLAST – What it’s like.
  7. THE KILLERS – Shot at the night.
  8. CALEXICO – Splitter.
  9. KINGS OF LEON – Supersoaker.
  10. TV ON THE RADIO – Wolf like me.
  11. THE GRAVELTONES – I want your love. (Aus)
  12. BLACK SABBATH – Iron Man
  13. ARCADEFIRE – Reflector.
  14. CHEAP TRICK – Hot love.
  15. CHEAP TRICK – Clock Strikes Ten.


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  • FILM REVIEW: Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters.
  • Review: Calexico. Athenaeum Theatre. Tue 24/10/2013.
  • Interview with Benjamin Zeccola – Lavazza Italian Film Festival.
  • CJ Talks Grand Final Pre-Game entertainment.
  • Emmys round up.
  • FILM REVIEW: Riddick.

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