What’s on Built For Speed, Friday 28th February 2014

It’s a huge week on Built For Speed as we speak to Emmanuelle Denavit-Feller, the Artistic Director of the Alliance Française French Film Festival, which kicks off in Melbourne on Wed 5 March at 5 Palace locations (Como, Westgarth, Kino, Brighton Bay & Balwyn).  We also preview The Academy Awards which screen on Monday, we’ll let you know our picks for likely winners and those we think might sneak under the radar. We also review in full two big Oscar hopefuls: Nebraska and Dallas Buyers’ Club.  If that’s not enough we play our favourite music of the 1980’s and Dr Nick will reveal his choices for the top 20 albums of that tumultuous decade.  Check out Built For Speed, Friday 8-10pm on 88.3 Southern FM.

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