Bayside’s new graffiti attack plan – podcast

New mural to combat graffiti vandals

Reporting, removing and preventing graffiti will become easier in Bayside under a new plan to bring Council, community groups and other government agencies together to tackle the issue.

Bayside Mayor Cr Michael Heffernan explains the details to 88.3 Southern FM’s Colin Tyrus on Friday Summer Breakfast.

New mural to combat graffiti vandals

A new mural at Black Rock Shopping Village has transformed a tagging ‘hot spot’ into a work of art. Led by Black Rock Neighbourhood Watch, Bayside Police and local traders with support from a Council Community Grant and Marta Dunin-Labedzki of Shine Health (the owner of the wall) the mural was designed and painted by local student Daiana Ingleton from Sandringham College. Photo: Courtesy Bayside City Council

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