Linda Ronstadt is one of America’s finest & most successful singers ever! Along with her former backing band, a little group called The Eagles, she completely dominated the world charts in the 1970s & was the first female solo singer to sell out stadium sized rock arenas. Linda Ronstadt has sold in excess of 100 Million units & continues to sell records in huge quantities to this day. Her most recent release is titled “Duets” & she has recently written an autobiography titled: Simple Dreams: A Musical Memoir.

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Linda Ronstadt Simple Dreams: A Musical Memoir: Available Here

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  • Thanks for this great interview with my favorite female vocalist ever. She is a true original, gorgeous voice and as interesting as ever.

  • Nice interview with Ms. Rondstadt. Glad to see she still has a lot of spunk left but not the political comments. As she wrote:”It’s all about the Music”…not about politics that most of her admirers, like me, didn’t really pay attention too..until now.

  • I’m sure this was a tough interview to do. I applaud her for her attitude and willingness to be frank. Even though she prefers not to be an advocate for the disease, she certainly provides a positive representation of someone affected with it. Let me also add my best wishes for her.

  • It’s difficult to discover your superhero is a mere mortal. The juxtaposition between the musical goddess at her vocal best and the fragility of her current state made this show extraordinary. I’m not ashamed to say that Goodnight and Prisoner in disguise brought me to tears. Beautifully handled gentlemen. Much respect.

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