Local churches mean local talent-podcast

candle-and-notes-6-sec-animated.gifThe piano or the church organ used to be the only music that you’d hear in a church.  Not these days! This podcast from Songs of Hope 1/11/2015 introduces some of the diverse sounds which are to be heard amongst southern bay-side churches.

From soft to loud from reverential to joyous, you hear it all on Songs of Hope.

The 1/11/15 Songs of Hope gospel music set includes:

  • Where He leads me – The Blind boys of Mississippi
  • I’ll be praising Him – Colleen Coil
  • Wade in the water – Darwin Chorale

The Songs of Hope one hour podcast includes:

  • A prayer by Robert Louis Stevenson
  • An item on Amy Grant
  • The story of social reformer Hannah More

Songs of Hope website: http://songsofhope883.com

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