Songs of Hope tomorrow

songs of hope text3Songs of Hope tomorrow Sunday 26 July 2015, will have two hours of Christian praise and worship music plus the usual features. A feature at 7:30am will be Leigh Hatcher interviewing Indian philosopher and historian, Vishal Mangalwadi. He is author of the book “The book that made your world”. Another feature will be the story of Hannah More of Britain at 8:45am. Here is the program for tomorrow:

7am Chris
7:10am Our Daily Bread (1m)
7:30am Vishal Mangalwadi -the book that made our world(20m)
8am Rod
8:10am Prayer – Psalm 33 Sing praises to the Lord
8:30am Bible promises – Week 25
8:45am Story – Hannah More (4m)

Songs of Hope website:

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