Two Natural Ladies Podcast – Show 36 – 21 April 2020 – including chat with Elle Paton

Join Two Natural Ladies conversation as we discuss practical uplifting ways we can all make a difference, speak to wonderful people about the amazing things they are up to in life and play uplifting songs

Our topics of discussion for this week include –


  • Hair
  • Showers
  • How our routines have changed
  • Setting the day up for a sense of achievement
  • T-towels and dish cloths
  • Figs / bats / possums
  • Tiny house nation
  • What will Jo put in her Tiny House
  • Jo’s Trophie’s up for grabs
  • Kuffufle
  • Interview – Elle Paton – tiny house community

…tune in for all of the above, really cool songs, a few laughs – and more…


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