Two Natural Ladies Podcast 87 – Girl Power !!

5 Women – 2 hours – amazing conversations – not enough time !!! But we gave it a red hot go anyway 🙂   Putting the power back in people’s hands Two Natural Ladies discuss an article by Lizzie Riveria, writing about the fashion industry The statistic are terrible! 35 million women are exploited by the Richest in Fashion. It’s

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Two Natural Ladies Podcast 86 – light-hearted conversations banter, play & a bit of poetry along the way

Includes a fun interview with Naomi from Acting Performance Studio and more… Sharing what we have discovered over our years on earth Networking and sharing what others have to offer and the difference they are making Contributing to others with new thoughts and ideas and looking to unstick where we are stuck Through light-hearted conversations banter, play – and a

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