Another fun filled show with Two Natural Ladies, including – Tickling the airways: Celebrating our 60th show Jo and Vicki acknowledge their gratitude for each other and their journey so far Getting up at 4.30am and the struggle this is- the thoughts we have, are they the truth? Can we choose empowering thoughts? Our commitment vs our thoughts Two Natural

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Two-Natural-Ladies-Show59-Oct6-2020 Podcast

The fun continues as a number of serious and not so serious topics are discussed – topics include – Well-oiled machine Starting with some gratitude for the family, Two Natural Ladies discuss endorphins when gardening the wonder of worms (Eew Yuk) and a wonderful Corona virus poem from Pam Eyre’s This leads to a discussion about control and the feeling

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Two-Natural-Ladies-Show58-Sept29-2020 Podcast

Light-hearted discussions continue on many and varied topics – including… The Humble Pineapple – to smash or not to smash that is the question “Be a Pineapple, stand tall, wear a crown and be sweet inside” Katherine Gaskin Pineapple Facts: in the 17th century the pineapple was a cultural icon of luxury living. This fruit is the third most important

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