Two Natural Ladies – Show 28 – 18 Feb 2020 – including interview with Anita Bentata

Join Two Natural Ladies conversation as we discuss practical uplifting ways we can all make a difference, speak to wonderful people about the amazing things they are up to in life and play uplifting songs

Our topics of discussion for this week include –

Creating joy in our life

• Struggles in life
• Tall poppy syndrome / feeling inadequate
• Lending a supportive ear and perspective and inspiration
• The silver lining in every cloud
• Taking ourselves on
• “Not giving in to ourselves” scouts promise
• Commitments
• Inspiration
• The dance of life
• Changing gears – 4th gear / park / off overnight
• The secret to Vicki’s sleeping around / ability to sleep anywhere
• Coming out the other side of adversity
• Getting in and out of messes
• Music lights up all areas of the brain
• Being active in our own life / community
• speaking your truth / our innate knowing / you do you
• Any excuse to feel good / better

And an uplifting and enlightening Interview with the inspirational
Anita Bentata – and her story about how she came to storytelling and identifying elephant in the room / speaking the unspeakable /stories / naming / identifying / distinguish

Anita also talked about her book – The Wolf In a Suit

…tune in for all of the above, really cool songs a few laughs – and more…

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