Two-Natural-Ladies-Show40-May19-2020 Podcast

Caring for our Environment 🙂

Reducing rubbish and food waste

• Saving stomachs of our marine life by picking up rubbish
• Going viral
• Beach Patrol – Ross & Ramona Headifen / spring clean the city
• Single use plastic
• 4 ocean bracelet
• Why does Vicki want to smash Jo’s trophies?
• Decluttering for simplicity and downsizing – possible tiny house move
• Creating Tiny House Communities
• Finding stray clothing & underwear that belongs to no one in the house
• Reducing food waste

• Josie Jones – creating locals street clean ups after bin pick up day – clean up / reduce crime
• More stories from Jo’s Indian journeys
• Helping and supporting others
• Distinguishing help from interference?



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