Write Now – book review:    The Creative Seed (How to enrich your life through creativity)    by Lilian Wissink.       ( Exisle Publishing)

This book is for anyone involved in or wanting to do any creative art or craft. Lilian draws on her work as a counsellor and her own creative endeavours to encourage and support the reader. The book is well set out and has ‘creative touchstones’ at the end of each chapter.

Via case studies, questions and exercises she prompts the reader to honestly and compassionately explore themselves and so find possible choices that will enable each to start or continue their creative endeavours.  Along the way, she explodes myths about creativity that might hold some people back and exposes  the unhelpful Inner Critic and the Inner Softie.

Her SEED principles – Skills; Experimentation; Evaluation and Discovery offer helpful and practical guidance.  The warm, supportive tone and the recurring emphasis on ‘play’ – freeing self to experiment, without  pressure or self censorship – encourage  enjoyment and imagination and ultimately,  a richer life.    Gaytana







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