Another fun filled show with Two Natural Ladies, including – Tickling the airways: Celebrating our 60th show Jo and Vicki acknowledge their gratitude for each other and their journey so far Getting up at 4.30am and the struggle this is- the thoughts we have, are they the truth? Can we choose empowering thoughts? Our commitment vs our thoughts Two Natural

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Two-Natural-Ladies-Show56-September15-2020 Podcast

Another fun filled show including but not limited to the following topics of discussion 🙂 … Berries: Two Natural Ladies have a Berry lovely time talking: Blue Berries, Goji berries, strawberries and black berries, health benefits and recipes from our listeners and followers. Berries for Gin, definition of Raspberries what versatile and scrumptious fruits! Do the Hussle Vicki’s Poem with

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Write Now – book review:    The Creative Seed (How to enrich your life through creativity)    by Lilian Wissink.       ( Exisle Publishing) This book is for anyone involved in or wanting to do any creative art or craft. Lilian draws on her work as a counsellor and her own creative endeavours to encourage and support the reader. The book is well set out

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