Historic John returns

Historic John (HJ) slept right through the first week of May, so Colin aroused him from his slumbers to again emerge from the dungeon beneath Southern FM’s bayside studios. Listen to the podcast for another episode of This Week in History as heard on A Newsman and his Music (Monday 11 May 2020).

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Kingston Council: Chamber of Secrets

Coming up on Friday Magazine… Kingston Council: Chamber of Secrets.  Don’t miss our special report on the veil of secrecy at the City of Kingston. In this exclusive story, Southern FM journalist Colin Tyrus will reveal an investigation into some serious allegations. We’ll name the Councillors who voted to keep the issues secret and we’ll hear from three Councillors who

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Kingston Mayor meets Bayside Newsman

Mayor Oxley

Have a listen to Southern FM’s Colin Tyrus in conversation with the Mayor of the City of Kingston Cr Georgina Oxley. The interview was broadcast on 88.3 Southern FM at 10 AM on Monday 9 March 2020. You can listen to “A Newsman and his Music” every Monday from 9 AM to 11 AM.

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