Film review: ‘BRITTANY RUNS A MARATHON’ by Nick Gardener from ‘Built For Speed’

Falling somewhere between Run Fat Boy Run, Muriel’s Wedding and most Rebel Wilson films, comedy/drama Brittany Runs A Marathon is an amiable, subtly subversive but underwhelming story of fat shaming, destructive self-loathing and the mixed blessings of life transformation. Brittany (Jillian Bell) is an irresponsible, partially employed, 28-year-old New York party animal who thinks responsibility, commitment and healthy living are

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Film review ‘BOOKSMART’ by Nick Gardener from ‘Built For Speed’

Teen comedy Booksmart is the slightly unexpected directorial debut for actress Olivia Wilde. Playing like a grungier Romy and Michelle and an indie American Pie with touches of Superbad, the film explores teen high school rituals in a refreshingly honest, insightful and ballsy manner. The film sees nerd besties Molly (Beanie Feldstein) and Amy (Kaitlyn Deaver) preparing to crown their

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