Historic John and Mr Rabbit

On this edition of This Week in History, Historic John does his impression of Mr Rabbit and he recounts events that have happened around the world in the week of Australia Days past. If you missed the live event on “A Newsman and his Music” (Mondays 9 AM to 11 AM), have a listen and a laugh with this exclusive podcast. Historic John emerges every week from his dungeon beneath Southern FM to bring us his unique take on “this week in history”.

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Historical John with the Newsman – Podcast

Did television clowns Zig and Zag really break the King Street bridge while trying to crack a coconut? Who would have succeeded King Edward the Second if he’d been Irish?
These and many other questions are answered by “Historical John” in this podcast from the 8 July 2019 edition of “A Newsman and his Music” on 88.3 Southern FM.

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