Meditation with Josh Piterman – podcast

On Friday Magazine, Colin spoke to Phantom of the Opera star Josh Piterman about his quest for greater Government support for performers unable to work due to the pandemic. Josh also invites you to join his free online meditation sessions. Follow Josh on Instagram @joshpiterman Broadcast on Friday 13 August 2021 Photo courtesy Josh Piterman  

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Two Natural Ladies Show67- Podcast

Beginning – 15:30 (15mins 30 seconds) What do our children really think of us? The Good the Bad and the Ugly Two Natural Ladies interview their children: Something they learnt was ‘Get that you failed and go from there’ Jo & Vicki found the conversations interesting and illuminating Vicki crying in the car and how her daughter felt. Jo yelling

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250 rules of contentment

If he were alive today, Buddha would not be on Facebook says mindfulness and meditation practitioner Sally Kellett who is on a mission to demystify the Eastern philosophy behind the breathing techniques.

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